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IRD Noumea Centre Welcome to the seismology lab site

Entrance to IRD’s Noumea Centre

The seismology laboratory is located at the IRD Noumea Centre, New Caledonia, and operates within the Geoazur Mixed Research Unit, headed by Bernard Pelletier. The Unit works closely with the 191 IMAGO Service Unit, which in New Caledonia is managed by Jean-Yves Panché. Pierre Lebellegard is in charge of the site and laboratory operations. Special co-operation links are maintained with the Port Vila Seismology Observatory, which is part of the Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources (DGMWR).

The laboratory site comprises three major sections:

general information on seismology and tsunamis, etc. a section aimed at the scientific community, presenting our networks and news and providing data access.
a third section with an interactive aim:

anybody (mainly in New Caledonia) who feels a tremor can report it using our online form, thereby helping us build up a macroseismic database, which is valuable for determining and assessing seismic risk.


Please feel free to give us your eye-witness accounts. We will also do our best to answer you as quickly as we can, if you post any questions on our forum, and we will gladly receive any criticisms or suggestions that help us improve this site.

Some parts of this site are only available in French, essentially the press review and macroseismic survey form.

The site still has many mistakes and particularly mistranslations. Please help us improve it by pointing out any errors, even the very smallest.

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Seismology laboratory Aerial view of IRD Noumea